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Diversify your portfolio with short-term CD investments that deliver a guaranteed rate of return. Benefit from lock-in interest rates as you watch your money grow. When your certificate matures, you can access the money or reinvest to continue building your savings. Open a Certificate of Deposit (CD) today with our quick and easy online application.

Whether you’re looking to invest for a few months or a few years, we offer a variety of CD types and term lengths to match your needs and goals.  The minimum opening deposit is $1,000 and all CDs offer a fixed rate of return.  CDs renew automatically, at the interest rate in effect at the time of renewal making it easier to keep your investments growing.


  • No monthly service fee no matter how much your account balance goes up or down.

  • Variety of rate terms

  • FDIC insured

  • Interest rates higher than regular savings and money market accounts

Important Account Information

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